Guy Tang Pure Enlightenment Balayage Kit

Guy Tang Pure Enlightenment Balayage Kit
Pravana has lifted the bar with its cutting edge technology behind a complete Balayage system like no other that is sweeping the market by storm.

The Pure Enlightenment kit offers unique tools, product formulas and education specifically created and endorsed by the master himself – Guy Tang.

Pure Light Balyage Lightener

Stylists will find balayaging to be easier than ever before this specifically formulated lightener to purposefully create effortless natural blondes.

  • Trademark blend of rice flour and kaolin clay forms an outer shell that hardens
  • Encapsulates the hair and lightener inside keeping it moist and allowing for extended open air processing
  • Smooth wipped consistency allows for precise application
  • No bleeding, swelling or movement


Pure Light Balayage Activators

Formulated to maximise the performance of Pure Light Balayage Lightener to create the perfect Balayage consistency.

  •  Aloe Vera promotes healing and moisture retention
  • Keeps the lightener inside the "shell" moist for extended open-air processing
  •  Preserves integrity of the hair


Pure Light Meche Sheets

  • Re-usable colour barriers that allow you to keep the lightener moist longer
  • Light and flexible for perfect placement
  • Great for the beginner Balayager

img purelightner pic04Pravana + Guy Tang Balayage Brushes

All 3 brushes were constructed with the stylist cult-fave Accusoft bristles found on Framar brushes.

Smallest Brush: For very intricate details

Small and angled for precision paintingPerfect for fine highlighting placement

Medium Brush: The 'Guy Tang' favourite

Holds a bit more colourIdeal for stroking on soft, sun-kissed panels with a gradient effectA thicker, more comfortable handle which stylists seem to love

Large Brush: Can be used for any and all applications

Balayage, colour corrections, full colours, foil-highlights... you name itWider, so it holds a ton of colour or lightener and will spread fast

Pure Light Balayage Palette

  • Essential tool to a painter
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Special built-in reservoir to hold Pure Light Balayage Lightener