I.luminate. See. Feel. Experience the Difference.

New i.luminate is a revolutionary ammonia free demi-permanent crème colour formulated with patented ingredients to deliver a luxurious hair and scalp experience, and the ultimate in dynamic, multidimensional, luminous and conditioned colour results.

i Luminate3


• Acid-Balanced Formula — For luminous shine and ultimate condition

• Ammonia-Free — No lift, deposit-only colour for reliable results

• Colour-Match System — Coordinates with i.color permanent shades

• Sensational Fragrance — A tropical vanilla aroma for a sensual user experience

• Inter mixable with i.color Intensifiers —Unique Pastel Mixer and Clear to expand

shade range and promote creativity.

• Triplex-C — This Patented conditioning complex substantially and effectively locks in colour while conditioning the hair.  Triplex-C creates a protective shield around the hair shaft that lasts for up to 20 shampoos, leaving the hair with a smoother surface and ensuring longer lasting colour results

• Tri-Active Technology — features ISO Tri-Active Technology, a blend of moisturisers, cationic proteins and Vitamin C that provides deeper penetration into the cuticle whilst protecting the hair. Proteins and vitamins are positively charged and attracted to negatively charged hair.  Moisturisers help balance porosity, condition and add shine.

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