i.Color Crème Developers

i.Color Crème Developers
Contain conditioning ingredients to help keep hair supple and soft throughout the coloring process.

These stabilized crème developers are formulated to work synergistically with the i.Color permanent crème colors and lighteners to ensure optimal oxidation during processing.
Available in 10 Volume (3%), 20 Volume (6%), 30 Volume (9%),
and 40 Volume (12%).

What Makes i.color unique?

Tri-Active Technology

An exclusive blend of moisturizers, cationic proteins and vitamins.

Triplex C

A patented formula that seals in color, condition, and shine by forming a protective shield around each hair fiber that lasts up to 20 shampoos.

Calibrated Ammonia System

Levels 1-4 = 1.6% ammonia
Levels 5-8 = 1.8% ammonia
Levels 9-10 = 2.0% ammonia
High Lift series (100s) = 2.8% ammonia

i.Color dual-action lift & deposit

Inside the cortex, lifting and depositing take place at the same time.

Maximum shine and durability

Deeper cuticle penetration of color dye molecules to ensure color longevity.


Ensures vibrant color, smooth, conditioned hair that is resistant to fading.


Less ammonia, yet guaranteed predictable color results every time.

Fast and fabulous

Maximum stunning results after short application times

Permanent and demi-permanent color

A deposit-only crème developer.

Endless color possibilities

Through intermixing shades, the compact palette offers endless color options (minimum storage needs, maximum possibilities)